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An application can be refused for number of reasons like does not meet one or more of the criteria or prerequisites of that particular visa, you or a member of your family does not meet health or medical requirements, false or incorrect answer(s) to the questions and you or a member of your family failed to meet Australian national security requirements. This list is not conclusive and there could be other reasons that could lead to refusal of your visa application.
Processing time largely depends on the type of visa and the application being lodged. The visa application for permanent residence visa in Australia 15 to 18 months to receive a decision on the visa application. However in keeping with the recent trend in the global economic slowdown, we expect this duration may get extended for a further 6 months to 1 year.
There are six different types of categories under which you can apply for skilled migration to Australia: Skilled Independent Visa, Skilled Sponsored Migrate Visa, Skilled Independent Regional Visa, Skilled – Recognised Graduate (Temporary) visa, Family migration and Business migration.
Australian permanent residents are residents of Australia who hold permanent residency visas but are not citizens of the Commonwealth of Australia. Holders of permanent residency visas may remain in Australia indefinitely. These visas last up to five years from the date of grant. Until the permanent resident visa expires, the visa holder may leave and re-enter Australia freely. Most permanent residents are eligible to become citizens after a waiting period. Permanent residents enjoy many of the rights and privileges of citizens, including access to free or subsidised legal and health services and education.