Education Gets Top Marks in the Quebec Skilled Worker Program June, 2011

Applicants wanting to immigrate to Canada but who do not meet the requirements of the Federal Skilled Worker Program may still be eligible for Canadian immigration under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. The province of Quebec has the right to select most immigrants destined to their province and uses its own selection criteria in choosing candidates. The Quebec Skilled Worker Program uses a human capital model which awards points based on various selection factors such as age, education, language, work experience, and adaptability.

Unlike the Federal Skilled Worker Program, applicants in the Quebec Skilled Worker Program are not required to have work experience in a particular occupation to qualify, nor are they required to have a job offer from a Quebec employer. Any work experience that is above a low skilled occupation is considered under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. To qualify for this program, an applicant must, at minimum, have completed a diploma which is equivalent to a general or vocational high school diploma in Quebec and must have sufficient Settlement Funds. A single applicant must score at least 49 points based on the selection factors and an applicant with a spouse or common-law/conjugal partner must score at least 57 points.