Proposed updates to the FSWC program in Canada are as follows:

Pass Mark – The pass mark will remain at 67 points.
Minimum Language Proficiency – CIC statistics indicate that proficiency in one of Canada’s official languages is a key to securing a good job. Therefore, points allocated for language ability (in either English or French) will be raised from 16 to 24. Points for ability in the second official language will be reduced from 8 to 4, as little evidence has been found that this helps immigrants.
Emphasis on Younger Workers – Canada needs younger workers who will contribute to the labour market for years to come. Therefore, up to 12 points will be awarded to individuals aged 18-35. Previously, the same points were awarded between the ages of 21-49. Points will diminish until the age of 46. However, there is no age limit for applying to the FSWC program.
Amending Work Experience Points – Because it is not highly valued by Canadian employers, the maximum number of points awarded for foreign work experience will be decreased from 21 to 15 points. In order to achieve maximum points, applicants must have 6 full years of experience, as opposed to 4.
Credential Assessment – Designated non-government organizations will be contracted by the government to authenticate educational credentials and determine their equivalency in Canada. Individuals who hold credentials that are not recognized in Canada will not be eligible to apply to the FSWC program.
If an applicant claims work in a regulated occupation, CIC may designate a professional body in Canada to conduct an assessment of the applicant’s credentials.
Arranged Employment –The current process of securing Arranged Employment Offers will be disposed of. In its place, Canadian employers, whose workers are applying through the FSWC program, will have to secure a Labour Market Opinion (LMO). The LMO process is already used to help secure temporary work permits for foreign workers. FSWC applicants, whose prospective employment includes a positive or neutral LMO, will receive up to 15 points.
Changing Adaptability Requirements – A principal applicant to the FSWC who has Canadian work experience will be awarded a maximum of 10 points. 5 points will be awarded for study in Canada. Spousal adaptability will now be assessed on the basis of language skills, as opposed to education.
In order to receive points for relatives in Canada, the relative will have to meet a minimum age threshold of 18 years.
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