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General Information

Capital: Paris
Languages: English , French 
Population : 62,616,488.
Currency is Euro.

Information about France

France is the largest nation in Western Europe, is known to the world for its rich cultural heritage. The country has dominated and influenced the cultural world of western Europe specially in the field of art and literature right from the middle ages down to the modern times. France today stands as one of the strongest nations of the world, economically, politically and culturally. 

France , lies in a very unique position between the Mediterranean Sea and the English Channel and the North Sea and sharing the borders with the countries of Spain, Italy, Belgium and Luxembourg. 

France is a highly modern country with 75% of the people living in the cities. The French people are famous for their refined tastes in culture and fashion. 

Studying in France

Each year, almost 130,000 young people from all over the world come to France to study. They choose France because of its high level of cultural and technological development, its modernity and also because of the quality of life France offers, the richness of its heritage, the French language and, especially, France’s reputation in the field of higher education.

French higher education is well renowned for its quality and accessibility. The country has an excellent educational system that provides diplomas, degrees, and certificates having international recognition. The country has nearly 400 internationally renowned educational institutions for higher education and research. Moreover, the system of accreditation also ensures that there is never a dearth of quality education. Admission and promotion is based on merit. Therefore, brilliant students stand a good chance of pursuing their educational goals irrespective of their financial or social background. 

One of the most striking features of French higher education is the small size of its educational establishments. These establishments though specialize in a range of study programmes. Also, there is a huge presence of higher educational institutions in the country. Even small cities could be having two or three universities and a number of engineering and other specialized higher education establishment. Capital Paris and the suburbs have a total of 13 universities, and a number of other educational institutions. So there is never a dearth of quality higher educational institutions in the country. 

But above all, studying in France gives the foreign student the opportunity to benefit from a higher education system, which has considerable added value.

Reasons to Study in France
  • No IELTS
  • Schengen Visa
  • Low Tuition Fees
  • Very Low Funds to Show
  • Special Permanent Residency Opportunities
  • Easy Embassy Interview 
  • Quality Education
  • International Students have the same benefits as French students
  • Life in France is good
  • Free Medical & Transport Facilities for Students
Cost of Study 

Under Graduate Programmes :  1000 - 7000 EURO
Post Graduate Programmes : 7000 - 16000 EURO

Cost of Living

Accommodation: EURO 120  to EURO380 
Food: EURO 150  to EURO 300 

Working in France

While Studying Overseas students living in France can work up to 20 hours per week during regular academic sessions and full time during scheduled breaks (for example, winter and summer holidays, and spring break).


In France, there are three main Intakes ie January/September/October.

Application Requirements 
  • Passport Copy
  • Academic Records
  • Bank letter of Financial Support
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Medical Insurance with repatriation clause.
  • Confirmed Air Ticket
  • 6 passport Size Photographs


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