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General Information

Capital: Amsterdam
Languages: English, Dutch
Population : 16,531,294
Currency is Euro (EUR).

Information about Netherland (Holland)

The Netherlands, on the coast of the North Sea, is twice the size of New Jersey. Part of the great plain of north and west Europe, the Netherlands has maximum dimensions of 190 by 160 mi (360 by 257 km) and is low and flat except in Limburg in the southeast, where some hills rise up to 322 m (1056 ft). About half the country's area is below sea level, making the famous Dutch dikes a requisite for efficient land use. Reclamation of land from the sea through dikes has continued through recent times. All drainage reaches the North Sea, and the principal rivers—Rhine, Maas (Meuse), and Schelde—have their sources outside the country. 

With its strong service sector, the Netherlands occupies a special place in Europe. Nestled as it is between France, England and Germany, it offers opportunities to sample the influences of three of Europe's major cultures.

Studying in Netherland (Holland)

The Netherlands higher education institutions together offer 1,000 international study programs and courses which are taught entirely in English. Higher education in Netherlands enjoys a worldwide reputation for its high quality. This is achieved through a national system of regulation and quality assurance. Netherlands has also received international acclaim for its problem-based learning system, which trains students to analyze and solve practical problems independently. Education in the Netherlands is not free, but tuition fees are reasonable.

Studying abroad is a great way to gain international experience. Because there are so many international students in the Netherlands, studying here helps you learn to work with people from a broad range of different backgrounds and deal effectively with cultural differences. The Netherlands appeals to international students and scientists because the government actively promotes internationalization of the higher education system and scientific research. The Bachelor's-Master's degree system has been introduced to optimize alignment with higher education internationally; the Netherlands has international classrooms where Dutch and foreign students take part in the same study programmes. 

Reasons to Study in Netherlands (Holland)
  • IELTS 6.5 Bands Acceptable
  • Schengen Visa
  • Low Tuition Fees
  • Very Low Funds to Show
  • 10+2 Pass Eligible
  • 99.95 % Visa Success Rate
  • Gap Acceptable
  • Easy Embassy Interview 
  • Work part time up to 20 hours a week
  • Excellent education and research 
  • Internationally recognized degree's 
  • Multicultural study environment
  • Practical studies with a business approach 
  • More than 1300 English taught Bachelor and Master programmes
Cost of Study 

Package is 5 lakhs which include Tuition Fees, Accommodation, material Fees, Visa Approval Charges excluding Air Ticket.

Cost of Living

The living expenses for an international student studying in Netherlands is approximately € 500- 600 per month. This is inclusive of accommodation, food, utility bills and travel.


There are 2 Intakes in a year: September and February.

Working in Netherland (Holland)

Foreign students who would like to take paid work alongside their studies are allowed to do so. Depending on your nationality you can only do this for a limited amount of hours per week and only if the employer has applied for a work permit for you.

If you are a foreign student (non-EU/EEA/Swiss) and you have a valid residence permit with the aim to study, you can work alongside your studies. This can be either full-time seasonal work in June, July and August, or part-time work of no more than ten hours a week outside the summer period.

Application Requirements 
  • All Academic Documents. 
  • Passport (passport should still be valid for at least 18 months after arrival in the Netherlands,
  • Receipt of total amount deposited to college including accommodation, health insurance, tuition fees and visa application fees.
  • Conditional admission letter from college.
  • Final letter from University or college.
  • Accommodation letter
  • IELTS Certificate 
  • 4 photographs with white background. 


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