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General Information

Capital: Athens
Languages: English, Greek
Population :  11,283,293
Currency is Euro

Information about Greece

Greece is a modern European country, with a strong democratic government, and a developing economy.
The Greek mainland occupies the southern most tip of the Balkan peninsula, and it borders to the East with Turkey, and to the north with Bulgaria, F.Y.R.O.M., and Albania. To the south and the West, Greece is touched by the Lybian sea and the Ionian sea respectively.

Studying in Greece

STUDY ABROAD GREECE is dedicated to providing a student-friendly, easily-navigated directory for all those who wish to explore the rich historical and artistic heritage of the world’s oldest democracy. Whether your time of study is concentrated in art study abroad on the mainland or study abroad programs in Greece on one of the many wonderful Greek islands, the Greek people, always open and friendly, will do the most they can to make your educational and cultural stay a meaningful one.

Greece and Greek culture have exercised a tremendous influence on European and North American civilization. The Academic Program in Greece is a wonderful educational and cultural experience, offering to students the opportunity to study in Greece through a semester-long curriculum combining regular classes, field trips, and independent studies. 

The Greek higher education system is controlled and funded by the state, and the Greek Constitution forbids the establishment of private, degree-granting institutions of higher education. The Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs provides financial support for Greece's 18 university institutions (AEI) and its 14 institutions of technological education (TEI). However, this does not preclude professional training schools or branches of foreign universities.

By studying in Greece, you acquire not only the infrastructure needed for a successful professional career but also all the qualifications for further studies.

You have several options for studying in Greece. You can enrol in an English-taught degree programme or if you speak Greek, enrol in a Greek programme. On the ather hand, if you are not interested in a degree programme but want to do your traineeship in Greece, there are several options that are worth considering. You may also want to take a look at the map of Greece, to see where Athens and Thessaloniki, the two cities which gather the majority of higher education institutions of the country, are located. In our database you will find hundreds of study programmes, from short training seminars, e-learning education programmes, conferences, to full-fledged bachelor's and master's degree programmes, taught entirely in English, in Greek, or both languages.You can browse through the database to find the course or programme you are looking for.

Reasons to Study in Greece
  • No IELTS
  • Schengen Visa
  • Low Tuition Fees
  • Very Low Funds to Show
  • 10+2 Pass Eligible
  • 99.95 % Visa Success Rate
  • Gap Acceptable
  • No Visa No Fee
  • Many courses in different streams 
  • Students can Work Part Time
Cost of Study 

The tuition fees in Greek institutions vary from 11000 euros to 16000 euros per year depending on the type of college.

Cost of Living

The cost of living is substantially lower than in most countries, its varies from 300 Euro to 400 Euro.


There are two main Intakes ie September & February, but in some other Colleges there are lots of other Intakes.

Working in Greece

International Students are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week during the academic term period and they are allowed to work full- time during the vacations.

Application Requirements 
  • A valid passport
  • Four passport size photo 2X2 inches 
  • Acceptance letter of the institution chosen and the certificate of study
  • Letter from a physician stating the student does not suffer from any communicable diseases
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Proof of health insurance for the duration of stay in Greece
  • Proof of funds for the duration of stay in Greece (signed affidavit from student’s parents stating they will cover all living expenses of their child while in Greece) 
  • Parents bank and credit card statements 
  • Parents Income Tax Return for the last 3 Years


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