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General Information

Capital: Sofia
Languages: English, Bulgarian
Population :  7,585,131 
Currency is Bulgarian Lev

Information about Bulgaria

Located on the western side of the Black Sea and north of Greece and Turkey, Bulgaria offers an excellent example of Eastern European culture, cuisine, and scenery. The language is a unique mix of Serbian, Russian, and Turkish, but many Bulgarians can speak English. Mostly, the Bulgarians are a friendly group who are happy to get to know newcomers.

Bulgaria tends to be cool, rainy in the winter, and hot in the summer. Summers rarely become humid, however, which makes for enjoyable weather. Dense forests, sandy beaches, fascinating architecture, and some of the least expensive trains in Europe provide the traveller with plenty to experience.

Sofia is the biggest and the most developed city and district in Bulgaria. Founded seven thousand years ago, Sofia is the second oldest city in Europe. It has been given several names in the course of history and the remnants of the old cities can still be seen today. Serdika was the name of the central dwelling of the ancient Thracian tribe known as Serdi.

Studying in Bulgaria

The higher education system in Bulgaria was changed in 1995. Under this law, universities, specialised institutions and colleges are all considered part of the higher education system.

Currently, there are 51 higher education institutions in Bulgaria. This comprises 42 universities and higher education institutions, 41 colleges within the higher school system and 9 independent colleges.

In Bulgaria University admits international students for full and part-time education to all available Bachelor, Master and PhD study programmes. Issues connected to the admission, study and administration of international students are arranged by the Bulgarian Higher Educational Act.

The system of university higher education in Bulgaria organizes studies after completed secondary education, coverage the following degrees:
  • First degree requires a minimum 4-year course of instruction and the graduates acquire the educational and qualification degree of Bachelor. Training for each specialty is finalized by sitting for state examinations or defense of a diploma thesis.
  • Second degree requires a minimum 5-year course of instruction, or an extra year after the Bachelor’s degree, and the graduates acquire a Master’s educational and qualification degree. Training for each specialty is finalized by sitting for state examinations or by defending a diploma thesis.
Reasons to Study in Bulgaria
  • No IELTS
  • Schengen Visa
  • Low Tuition Fees
  • Very Low Funds to Show
  • 10+2 Pass Eligible
  • 99.95 % Visa Success Rate
  • Cost of living : around $2000 per year 
  • Stable political environment & low country risk
  • Excellent climate, natural scenery, food and hospitality.

Cost of Study 

Package is 4 lakhs which include Tuition Fees, Accommodation, material Fees, Visa Approval Charges excluding Air Ticket.

Cost of Living

Minimum cost of living in Bulgaria for a foreign student, including Accommodation, food, transportation and other miscellaneous is in the range of 200 EURO to 300 EURO.


There is only one Intake ie September.

Working in Bulgaria

Students from third countries (outside the EU) are now allowed to work up to 20 hours per week during the academic term period and they are allowed to work full- time during the vacations.

Application Requirements 
  • Photocopy of the Passport (Validity shall be more than 6 Months after we proposed return)
  • Appostilled Academic Documents
  • Application fee Euro 100
  • Medical Certificate
  • Translation of all Educational Documents to Bulgarian, which approval of Ministry of Education
  • Acceptance from the College
  • Accommodation letter
  • Receipt of Tuition Fee
  • Clearance from Ministry of Education & Science
  • Proof of Sufficient Funds
  • Insurance policy for minimum 30,000 EURO ( With Repatriation Clause)
  • Air Ticket
  • 3 Photographs

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