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General Information

Capital: Dublin
Languages: English, Irish
Population : 4,450,446
Currency is Euro (EUR)

Information about Ireland

Ireland is situated in the Atlantic Ocean and separated from Great Britain by the Irish Sea. Half the size of Arkansas, it occupies the entire island except for the six counties that make up Northern Ireland. Ireland resembles a basin—a central plain rimmed with mountains, except in the Dublin region. The mountains are low, with the highest peak, Carrantuohill in County Kerry, rising to 3,415 ft (1,041 m). The principal river is the Shannon, which begins in the north-central area, flows south and southwest for about 240 mi (386 km), and empties into the Atlantic. 

Studying in Ireland

Ireland’s worldwide reputation for high quality education is built on the solid foundation of commitment to excellence. Ireland is a beautiful island, combining contemporary modern cities with an unspoilt countryside, cityscapes steeped in history and a rich natural habitat. Renowned for friendliness, our safe, English speaking country offers the warmest of welcomes to students from all over the world.

Whether you are considering spending a summer, a semester or a full academic year studying at an Irish university you are sure to encounter a unique and enriching educational and cultural experience. Irish universities offer a wide selection of Study Abroad Programmes allowing credit transfer arrangements with overseas universities and colleges.

Each of the Irish Universities has a Study Abroad office which is responsible for co-ordinating programmes aimed at overseas students spending either a summer, a semester or a full academic year studying in Ireland. The objective in any Study Abroad Programme is to experience different lifestyles and encounter new viewpoints. Junior Year Abroad and Study Abroad programmes offer students a unique and enriching educational and cultural experience.

Reasons to Study in Ireland
  • IELTS with 5.0 Bands Acceptable
  • European Visa
  • No Interview
  • Low Funds To Show
  • Low Tuition Fees
  • 10+2 Pass Eligible
  • Gap Acceptable
  • IIIrd Party Financial Sponsors Acceptable
  • A friendly, safe country
  • English-speaking country
  • Internationally recognised qualifications and extensive choice
  • Supportive learning environments
  • Innovative and creative culture
  • Ireland Accepts students with 15yrs of education
  • Ireland has the best education system in Europe
  • Ireland offers quality education
  • While studying in Ireland, International students can work part time 20 hrs per week
  • You can study and work in Ireland with Excellent wages at 8-9 Euro per Hour
Cost of Study 

Under Graduate Programmes :  €9,100 - €12,000 ( For 3 Years)
Post Graduate Programmes : €8,900 - €15,000 ( For 1 – 2 Years)

Cost of Living

Living expenses will differ depending upon the location of the institution, the type of accommodation preferred and on the personal expenditure of the student.

On average we estimate that a student will spend between EUR 8,000 and EUR 10,000 per year depending on location and lifestyle.

Admission requirements


The main intake offered by all colleges & universities in Ireland is September & few universities in Ireland offer February intake also.

English Language Requirements:

Good academics level back ground is required for study in Ireland. Minimum first class & English medium instructions are required. If you are not proficient in English, some universities in Ireland insist on a score either from TOEFL, the Score should be 550 or IELTS, the score should be 5.0 bands minimum.

Working in Ireland

Since April 2001 non-EEA nationals with permission to remain in the State as students, on immigration Stamp 2 permission and enrolled on courses with education providers listed on the Internationalisation Register, have been afforded the opportunity to work.

This allows non-EEA Students to take up casual employment to supplement their income while studying in Ireland. During term time non-EEA students can work up to 20 hours per week and during normal college holiday periods non-EEA students can work on a full time basis up to 40 hours per week.

Note: Students attending courses not on the Internationalisation Register are not permitted to work and are registered with Stamp 2A permission.

The students who wish to stay back in Ireland and work after the completion of their studies need to apply for work permit in Ireland. In the recent times Ireland has the lowest unemployment rate in the whole of Europe. Hence there are openings and opportunities especially for qualified computer/software professional, construction professionals and professional in the hospitality industry. Being the fastest growing economy in Europe, possibilities of obtaining work permits in Ireland for qualified students are better, compared to other European Countries.

Application Requirements
  • Age (17 -25 Years)
  • Final offer letter from College (this will be issued once fees have been paid in compliance with Irish Government visa regulations).
  • Study plan: Student should present a logical study plan, e.g. English language - Foundation Program (Business); Degree in Information Technology; Job in I.T. Sector in home country. the visa success rates for students applying for a 2-4 year program of studies are much higher than for the students applying only for an English Language course.
  • Evidence that student can support him/herself fully without relying on state services, e.g. copy of current bank statement and a 'letter of good standing' from the sponsors bank.
  • Valid passport.
  • 4 passport sized photographs.
Student visa applications are processed by the Department of Justice, Dublin and students aspiring to study in Ireland need to lodge their application through the Embassy of Ireland in New Delhi. In accordance with the Irish law a student aspiring to study in Ireland must pay the first year fees in full to the college/university before lodging the visa application. Under normal circumstances a personal interview is not required and to process the application it takes 7 to 8 weeks. 


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