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Australia Business Visa Application, Requirements & Process is detailed in this document. Success of a Business Visa Application is dependent on genuine intent, correct documentation, accurate forms & proper supporting evidence. In most cases, visas are granted and sent by mail, without a personal interview.

Britcanaus Immigration has a very high success rate with Business Visa Applications & processes Business Visas for hundreds of corporate clients in India. Contact a local office for more details on Australia Business Visa Application

For owners of a Business or employees of a firm/company wanting to attend Seminars, training Sessions, attend meetings, review the market, get contracts, build alliances or open branch offices in Australia

Australia Business Visas are easily granted for applicants who prove they have genuine business intent & the finances to support themselves in Australia

More often than not, an assessment is based on documents submitted & the visa interviews are rare.

Australia Business Visa is granted for three to six months for first time applicants, those who have visited before can apply for 1, 2, 5 or10 years depending on your profile.

Australia does not require the applicant to attend a personal interview, decisions are mostly made on the basis of your documents. A chance of having to attend a personal interview is rare. If your application is successful, the visa is stamped on the passport and sent by mail.


•    Strategize with you as to how your case is best presented to ensure that the chances of success
      are the highest and chances of rejection are very low.
•    Give you a customized starter kit and document checklist to make sure all is in order with your case
      and nothing is overlooked.
•    Book your interview for your Australia Business Visa (when needed).
•    Write your cover letter.
•    Fill all the forms.
•    Advise you of all other basic requirements of Australia Business Visa Application.
•    Advise you on the documents required for Australia Business Visa Application.
•    Screen your documents for Australia Business Visa Application.
•    Prepare the final set so it is ready to be submitted before the visa officer.
•    Prepare you for the Visa interview so you can handle any question that is asked by
      the Visa officer.

Processing Time

5 days from complete documents submission date.

Application Fees for Australia Business Visa:

             Visa                                                                                      Charge Amount
•    ETA (Business Entrant – Short Validity) (subclass 977)                                           Nil

Note: A service charge of $20 applies

•    ETA (Business Entrant - Long Validity) (subclass 956)                                             $90
•    eVisitor (subclass 651)                                                                                                     Nil
•    Business (Short Stay) visa (subclass 456)                                                                   $105
•    Business (Short Stay) – Foreign Government Representative                                  Nil
•    Business (Short Stay) – Nationals of EU Member States                                           Nil
•    Sponsored Business Visitor (Short Stay) visa (subclass 459)                                  $105
•    APEC Business Travel Card                                                                                             $200

Britcanaus Immigration Visa Support Services:

Britcanaus Immigration provides support services for those who want to do business overseas and need assistance establishing contact with overseas clients. Please note: the following services are provided for those who genuinely intend to establish relationships with overseas vendors and clients. Britcanaus Immigration will not entertain cases where the intent is not genuine.

Our Services include:

•    Market Research.
•    Fixing appointments on behalf of you.
•    Getting invitation letters from overseas parties.
•    Establishing & compiling email correspondence.

Britcanaus Immigration Post Landing Services (After Visa)

•    Airport Pick up – you will be picked up from the airport and dropped at the hotel / house.
•    Temporary Accommodation Assistance – this will be a hotel you can stay in as soon as you arrive.
      We will fix one according to your budget.
•    Permanent Accommodation Assistance – for those who have decided on a place and want a house
     to stay in. It is however better to first land in the city and get the job before you find permanent
     accommodation. This ensures you stay close to the work place.
•    Relocation Assistance – A kit containing details you will require to settle in your new country.
•    Resume Zapper – We will send your resume to 100 employers / placement companies in a city of
      your choice for FREE.

How to get started with your Business Visa Application

Make your payment online. You will receive your receipt and acknowledgement immediately. A consultant will contact you within 24 hours.

He/she will discuss your case & strategize with you on how best to present your application. You will also receive a document checklist, forms and be given other relevant details. After your documents are submitted, reviewed and compiled, you will get a visa interview orientation after which you are ready to file for your visa.

You may send your specific requirements at query@britcanaus.org.

For more information regarding any of our services, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.