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Hungarian Blue Card is a new residential status designed for a long-term stay involving performance of a highly skilled job. Hungarian Blue Card entitles a foreign national to stay and perform a job, i.e. the foreign national requires a preliminary agreement or a valid Job Permit.  

A foreign national is entitled to submit an application for issue of Hungarian Blue Card, if he/she intends to stay in the territory for a period longer than 3 months and if he/she is employed at a job position requiring a high level of skills for a period not exceeding 04 years, which, according to the new policy can be filled with a foreign national who is not a citizen of the European Union.  

The employment requiring advanced skills means an employment of such a person up to at least the measure of consideration declared on law about the method of calculation of minimum compensation paying to third country national, who has the higher vocational qualification being necessary to employment. A Duly completed university education or higher vocational education, the duration of which was at least 3 years, is deemed to be a high level of skills.    

The requisites for lodging an application for the issue of Hungarian Blue Card are as follows:

·          who possesses a valid passport

·          who has certified his/her goal of entry and stay

·          whose employment is supported under points laid down in law as well as by domestic employment policy interest

·          who is qualified as insured for the full scope of health care services or who applied for such services for all period when, resulting from employment relations, he/she isn't qualified as insured.

·          who has reported valid address as accommodation in the territory of the Republic of Hungary, and

·          who is exempt from any exclusion causes set out in the law.

An EU Blue Card can also be issued to a person who has been issued a residence permit for the purpose of employment requiring advanced skills by an EU Member State, if the person :

·          can prove at least 18 months of lawful stay in the EU Member State issuing the EU Blue Card.

·          meets the above listed conditions of issuing the Hungarian Blue Card. 

Goal of Entry and Stay in Hungary               

Under the new law the Applicant is required to furnish Preliminary Agreement or Valid Work Contract concluded between the employer and the third country national employee / Applicant for establishing employment relations requiring advanced skills for a definite period of maximum four years.

The Preliminary Agreement aiming to establish Employment relations attached to the Hungarian Blue Card application form or the higher professional qualification laid down in the Work Contract as a prerequisite for the particular job in Hungary can be proven with the degree certifying the higher education or professional qualification.

Financial means needed for subsistence in Hungary:

Under the new Law the Applicant needs to prove the Financial means needed for his /her subsistence in Hungary which can be proved by furnishing any of the following documents with the Application:

·          preliminary agreement for employment requiring advanced skills, or

·          valid work contract.

Full Health Insurance:

At the time of applying for the Residence Permit of Hungary the applicant needs to fulfill one of the following conditions:

·          You are qualified as insured under the Act on Social Security Supplies, or

·          You get entitled to the Hungarian health insurance services with special agreement;

·          Financing of services provided under the same conditions as compared to Hungarian insured subjects is arranged according to international treaty or agreement,

·          You are entitled for health care services under the same way as persons belonging to the effect of separate law, by virtue of business accidental or health care insurance not belonging to social security,

·          You are entitled to health care service,

·          Based on EC regulation, international treaty or agreement you are entitled to services provided for the Hungarian insured subjects under the same conditions.

Apart from this the Applicant needs to enclose the Confirmed Accommodation Letter complying with the separate law in force and duly signed by the owner of such a property in Hungary.

Validity of Hungarian Blue Card:

The Hungarian Blue Card is issued initially for of one year. In case the employment contract runs for a shorter duration, the Hungarian Blue Card is issued for three more months than the duration of the employment contract. After the expiration date of the Hungarian Blue Card issued for initial period of one year the same is extended further for a maximum of four years.

Hungarian Blue Card entitles for taking highly qualified employment under the employment relationship establishing its issuance or for employment permitted by virtue of domestic employment policy interest.

At the time of application for the purpose of issuing the residence card with biometric data, a photo and six fingerprints are taken, the cost of which is to be borne by the Applicant.

The proceeding authority shall make its decision on the issuance of Hungarian Blue Card within a stipulated time frame of 30 days.

Apart from it, the Applicant has to furnish a declaration to the effect that in case of refusal of the Application, the applicant shall voluntarily leave of the territory of the EU Member States.


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