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EU Blue Card or European Union Blue Card is a path to Immigration to Europe and for those wanting to work in Europe. The EU Commission is pushing forward with a directive to implement a skilled immigration "blue card" which would allow migrants from non-EU countries to live and work in the European Union on a temporary basis. The "Blue EU Labour Card" has been inspired by the US "green card" and takes its name from the EU flag.

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The EU Blue Card will allow highly skilled migrants (and their families) to live and work in the European Union for an initial period of two years. The visa can be extended if the migrant satisfies certain criteria.

With a shrinking labor force and ageing population, the European Union as a whole has recognized the need for skilled immigration. The over-65 population of the EU is anticipated to rise from 15.4 percent figure in 1995 to 22.4 percent by 2025, according to the EU's statistical office

The aim of the Blue Card is to give EU companies the ability to easily recruit highly skilled workers with specialized skills which are difficult to find in the European Union. The European Commission says the EU needs 20 million skilled immigrants over the next 20 years, especially in the computer technology and engineering sectors.

Currently many companies have difficulty finding suitable workers to fill specialist positions within the Healthcare, Engineering, Science & Information Technology Sectors and tourism. It is predicted the EU economy will need between 384,000 and 700,000 IT workers by 2015, and by 2020, between one and two million health-care workers.

The blue card will help EU employers who need to bring in foreign skilled labour to fill these types of specialist level jobs.

By creating a unified system, the hope is that the EU can become more attractive to highly skilled workers at a time when many are looking to eastern markets for new opportunities.

The Chief Advisor to the EU Home Affairs Commissioner, Maria Senius, said that "If we are going to realize our goals in the Europe 2020 strategy, the EU needs to remain open and competitive in the labour market, and we need to create more legal ways for migrants to come to Europe.

Proposed Eligibility:

The blue card would require a recognized diploma, three years professional experience, and a job offer that could not be filled by an EU citizen.


The proposed scheme would offer a two-year, renewable work permit throughout the European Union.


Those granted a Blue Card will be able to move between member states for the purpose of work (so long as certain criteria has been met) and may work towards permanent residence. The Blue card holders would have the right to social and other employment benefits enjoyed by EU citizens and would, after an initial two-year freeze, be able to move to another EU state if they find a job there.

Those approved under the visa would also be offered wages at least 1.5 times more than the average gross annual salary in the country they will work in.


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EU Countries including Germany, the UK, Spain and Italy are expected to see further declines in their working age populations in future. Increasing immigration from outside the EU is needed to deal with skills shortages.

Businesses are pushing to open up the labor pool. Increasingly they maintain that new graduates and more skilled workers from outside of the EU are needed to sustain and increase economic growth.

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